Solar Panels

Solar Panels
Solar panels, or arrays of photovoltaic cells, make use of renewable energy from the sun, and are a clean and environmentally safe means of collecting SOLAR ENERGY. On a bright sunny day, the sun's rays give off approximately 1,000 watts of energy per square meter of the planet's surface.

Today, we know that the sun emits SOLAR rays that can be collected by your SOLAR PANELS. These SOLAR PANELS send electrical currents to your home power inverter. From your inverter, the electrical current is sent to your electrical panel box. The electricity that is not used by your home is credited by the power company back to you through your meter, which counts backwards.

Using SOLAR ELECTRICITY to power your home has many benefits. While the value of your property increases, you will also contribute to the environment. This great investment will save you money as well as making your home energy dependent. Professional Builders & Remodeling, Inc. is an all-on-one service SOLAR PANEL provider.

We personally manage your project from beginning to end by providing a team of engineers and solar professionals to design and INSTALL your system. This includes custom design, financing and installation. Our team also handles the government rebate administration as well.
With many years of experience, we are able to help you utilize this unique system and have it done right the first time.

Professional Builders & Remodeling, Inc has been helping homeowners since 1965.

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Professional Builders & Remodeling, Inc. of Los Angeles, CA is a professional roofing contractor with experience, and excellent craftsmanship using the best material appropriate for your roof.

Our wide-ranging knowledge of roofing applications along with our many years of experience enables us to provide our customers with reliable quality service at an affordable price.

Our commitment to quality and excellence has earned us the distinction as one of California's premiere roofing service provider.
We carry comprehensive liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.

We have an unblemished record with the Contractors State License Board, League of California Homeowners, and the Better Business Bureau.

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Tips to consider when choosing a contractor

Tips to consider when choosing a contractor for your remodeling project, these simple steps can mean the difference between your dream home, or a house of horror.


Ask for Referrals

Word of mouth, without a doubt, is the best way to find a qualified expert to tackle the job. Ask family, friends and neighbors whom they've had good experiences with. What made it a positive experience, how they handled any problems and whether they would use the same contractor again?

Look at Credentials

Do some research; start with a phone call or a visit to the contractor's website. Find out whether they have all the required licenses from state and local municipalities. Be aware, however, that not all certifications are created equal. Do some homework and find out the requirements.

Check References

Ask to see some of the contractors' projects. Request references and call their customers to check up on them. Ask how the contractors did at executing the projects. Were they on time and on budget? Were the customers pleased with the outcome? Was there anything that could have been done differently?

Interior Painting

Interior Painting

When painting your home’s interior you want to make sure the job is done in a professionally with beautiful design. Making sure your windows, floors, furniture, and any other items in your home are protected, covered and terated with the utmost care.

Professional Builders & Remodeling Inc. can transform any room in your residence by adding some color and design or perhaps a custom-textured finish that will create a unique look to your home. Our experienced project managers will work with you to achieve the interior paint design that best works for your home.

Professional Builders & Remodeling Inc. will make sure to make this process as clean as achievable, while providing you with the best. Communication with your project manager is essential during an interior paint job.

Patios Covers-Enclosures

Patios Covers-Enclosures

If you’re thinking of renovating of your living space, patio covers are An excellent way to go. With a variety of materials and styles you can choose from, patio covers and enclosures are affordable and easy to build; Professional Builders & Remodeling Inc. are confident that we can find the patio cover that will meet your desires and budget. Patio covers are an excellent way to spend warm summer days or rainy winter days in an outdoor atmosphere. You can relax or have an entertaining evening with family and friends while being protected from seasonal elements.

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